About the Band

Formed in 2018 to play a DC Rockers Meetup showcase as "An 80's band", instead of embracing the 'typical' 80's of Flock of Seagulls or Depeche Mode, we chose our favorite genre...Metal! Judas Priest, Motley Crue, Van Halen, even Billy Squire were on that original setlist. After the very FIRST practice, we knew we had something special and would continue after the showcase! So we've been working on songs from Aerosmith, Kiss, Alice Cooper, Night Ranger, Pat Benetar, Heart, Metallica and a whole lot more!!
NO Spandex! NO Fake hair extensions! No "Cookie Monster" vocals! Just a Hard Rocking good time!

Check out a partial setlist here.

Band Members:

Mr. Marc Bass and Lead Vocals
Allison Lead Vocals
Alexei Z. Guitars
Brad Bunton Guitars
Kevin Powell Drums